Cream and anti-aging serum Queens must have

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Red queen serum & cream

Our anti-aging products at a discounted price!

face cream andSerumface Suitable for all skin types and especially for mature and thin skin 

 God The red algae Evidence in several studies as an antioxidant 500 times stronger than vitamin E.

The Red Queen products, oil serum and face butter, will give your facial skin light and radiance, will allow deep nourishment and maintain the natural moisture in the skin throughout the day!

Will help maintain the elasticity, softness of the skin and the natural shine

 The use will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, slow down the aging process and is a natural anti-aging

Combining our two red acceleration products will give your skin elasticity, radiance, softness and deep nourishment. You can use them in the evening and get up in the morning with softer and more pleasant skin - do not forget the neck and chest!  

Excellent for mature skin, dry and thin skin.

Recommended for daily use, it is recommended to apply the serum on a clean face after rinsing, and after a few moments add the cream. Or alternatively apply the serum in the morning and the cream at night. Highly recommend not to forget about the chest and neck area.

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Queens must have

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Queens must have

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