Shipping policy

Deliveries are from the date of order until 4 business days thereafter.

Delivery options-

-1 Pick-up points

Pick-up points service offers you hundreds of pick-up points nationwide, points are selected according to the proximity of your address, up to 5 kilometers from home. at which you can pick up your delivery, at your own time and in the place closest to your home, without waiting for a courier.

The pick-up service allows you to track the package to the collection point and will send you an SMS when the package arrives at the destination.
It is highly recommended to call and verify the opening hours with the stores and do not just come. Also - a delivery that is not collected from the collection point within 10 days will be returned to our address - Kibbutz Nahsholim 3081500 and a new delivery will be charged the full amount of - 20.48NIS.

Home delivery
Delivery to your door, comes to give a solution to customers who know how to appreciate convenience.
The package will arrive at your doorstep with a courier.

Easy, simple, comfortable and available.