When I talk about oil as a significant ingredient in skin care products I usually encounter a surprised and even reluctant reaction, but the truth is that there is a big difference between the oil we use for frying and the wonderful oils adapted to our skin care: when used properly, the oils contribute significantly to skin health and appearance His (yes, even when it comes to oily skin on that below)..


Why Basically Our Skin Needs Oil Oils contain essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The oils found in skin care products work in synergy with the skin's natural oils and help it maintain balance: our skin naturally produces oils and lipids in order to prevent water loss and retain moisture within the skin. When something goes wrong, as a result of dry weather for example, preparations containing oils fill in the gaps and return the skin to balance. The oil also contributes to strengthening the skin barrier: it softens the skin, gives it a protective layer and strengthens the intercellular adhesive to prevent the penetration of pollutants and harmful factors. If all this is not enough, the oil also has a significant benefit in maintaining a youthful and vital skin appearance: it enriches the skin with collagen, treats the skin texture, improves its elasticity and delays the appearance of signs of aging..


Natural oils found in skin care products are usually based on different parts of the plants, fruits and vegetables of the flower, leaves, roots or seeds. The oil extraction process is usually carried out without heating, in order to maintain the qualities of the oil and the vitamins and minerals it contains. Essential oils are extracted from medicinal plants, usually by the method of steam distillation. They are characterized by healing properties, their ability to rejuvenate the skin and also unique fragrances that complement the treatment experience and contribute to emotional and physical well-being. It is very important to use the right dose of essential oils, so it is better to use preparations prepared by professionals and not to dispense them independently..


So wait, can an oily also treat oily skin?.

Excessive oiliness of the skin is often caused by a lack of oil, which leads to the skin's attempt to compensate for the deficiency. Aggressive preparations that dry the skin further accelerate this process, and can cause acne outbreaks. Using a product that is suitable for the skin type and contains delicate and natural oils may help balance the oiliness, remove dead skin cells that clog the pores and provide the skin with a protective layer that retains its moisture and gives it a healthy and radiant look.


Conclusion Sometimes a myth is just a myth ... Oils have a great contribution to our skin health and appearance, and it's a shame to miss all this goodness that nature has given us and is right here, within touching distance..

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