Oak treeלּוֹן

Amnon Lahav

There is some chance of a good return in Alonי לַשֵּׂיבָה טוֹבָה

There is hope in himתִּקְוָה

It has new youth with the bloom, every year, every yearב, כָּל שָׁנָה, כָּל שָׁנָה

He will not be able to have the fire and the exaggeration, the clipper and the healer הַקּוֹצֵץ וְהַמְּבָרֵא

He has seen it all, and will see more, וְעוֹד יִרְאֶה

Throughout history, oak trees have played a significant role in the natural landscape and built environment. While providing vital resources that sustain wildlife and even humans, they have properly developed a heritage that reflects their importance in cultures. They evoke place names, emerge in stories and art, and appear on flags and coins. Their wood products, which stand out in the architecture of ships, buildings, hand tools and more, serve as evidence of their durability. The oak tree, associated with the qualities of endurance and longevity, is displayed as a popular symbol. In Israel, oaks grow productively in a variety of environments. With such a reputation and many qualities similar to those of other common shade trees, oaks have become some of the favorite, recommended and most beneficial species in the woods in the country.

Growing oak trees in the garden raises the discussion of our perceptions of permanence and ephemerality. Oak, grows in nature at a slow rate that requires the grower to tolerate it for the long term like education.The prominent advantage of the oak is after its absorption, there is no need to water it and it forms the infrastructure for creating a natural grove, a variety of animals come to enjoy its juicy cows, birds eat the acorns and leave surprises for smaller guests which nourish the soil and thus produce a natural base for the grove. 10,000 acorns a year which is a large amount of "forest food".

Oak lovers, like everything in our age have the "crazy to talk" and thanks to them I learned to respect the king of the forest, they have set up a map of all the oak trees in the country, they have an active and very interesting Facebook group, and they give names to oaks !! Like the wish tree, accompanied at the end of the road, a gnarled imprisoned and degenerate giant, a multiracial king, the giant as fast as blue and more and more. A Google map search for oak trees will take you there

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