On Massage, Blood, and Goa Sha

The blood, the most important of the body fluids, reaches all the organs in the body. The body is responsible for the blood and the liver filters the blood and distributes it between the capillaries in the body, the spleen is responsible for the production of blood, and the heart which pushes it into the veins and arteries. Disruption in the normal flow of blood is characterized by sharp pain in a permanent place, such as premenstrual pain in the lower abdomen. Treating Goa stone and cupping is a very effective way to improve blood circulation and relieve pain.

Think of the body as a very complicated pipe made of tubes and nodes, pain is created when there is a blockage in the pipe and the blood fails to flow smoothly inside the pipe, massaging the painful area with a goa stone that carries a lot of blood to the area, therefore redness on the skin Again normal flow of new blood to the painful site.ואב.

The Goa Sha treatment (apart from the facial treatment that we highly recommend to incorporate into a grooming routine) is mainly suitable for muscles, pain in the upper back, shoulders and shoulder blades, but all parts of the body can also be treated in the legs and arms and lower back.

The treatment is performed by applying oil or in a shower under running water, to prevent the friction of the stone on the skin, the direction of slipping of the stone is towards the length of the muscle, from the neck to the shoulders, from the pelvis to the legs, from the chest to the shoulders.

The treatment can be unpleasant, but very effective and can relieve pain immediately, cupping is also very helpful in similar situations, I recommend you buy a home set, for me it is an integral part of the routine.

Child care

You can take care of the children from the moment they are ready and understand the treatment, you can let them play with the stone a bit on the carpet, and make it a game that takes care of each other, it is important to remember that their body is gentle so move the stone more gently on the skin. Signs on the skin ..

I can tell that when Ari gets a little cold and coughs I perform the massage with the goa that is in the chest and upper back area, it immediately helps him in breathing, making sure to talk to him about it before and let him massage himself or me before starting, of course with oil to smooth the stone - Usually also with essential oils that touch on the subject of respiration ..

עיסוי גואה שה גוואשה

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