At home we have concepts like meridian, and qi are concepts that are common in our everyday language, mainly as patients of Chinese medicine but we have also adopted their language and part of their lifestyle.

Unlike Western massage, Oriental massage uses meridians and main points along the meridians to produce harmony by driving electromagnetic currents in the body.

According to the East, the arms and legs maintain complementary systems with the internal organs of the body, so that a massage on the palm can provoke an immediate reaction in the internal system associated with it.

Massage recommendations

My favorite massage oil is sesame oil which strengthens the skin and protects against fungal infections and the harmful effects of the sun's rays.

The massage can be applied to the whole body, it is designed to secrete by-products, improve blood circulation, speed up metabolism, improve respiratory organs, relax muscles and more. The movements are gentle and circular, the head and all parts of the body are massaged in turn, no area is neglected, but there is consideration for weakness or injury, if you feel a particularly contracted or painful area keep an eye on it and make sure to return to it often, the pressure will change accordingly.

After the massage the oils should remain on the body for at least half an hour, then stay in a hot shower or savannah, immediately after the treatment should avoid exercise, strong sunlight, extreme cold, anger or sadness.

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