Natural beauty in your shower

I grew up in a home with big brothers and wonderful parents, always in the shower our parents had a natural beauty lying around waiting for the next shower, as a child I remember not understanding what it was about, why they do it. Now I really understand, thank you mom ..

The loop It is a completely natural sponge, part of the fruit of the loofah shrub that looks like a very large zucchini.

ליפה טבעית למקלחת היומית שדרגי את חוויית הרחצה שלך, עם צמח ליפה טבעי, המסייע הזרמת הדם וחידוש תאי העור, תחושה נפלאה ועור במראה חלק וזוהר. עכשיו באתר, ביחד עם עוד עשרות מוצרי קוסמטיקה טבעיים.

We will start with important emphases for the prevention of bacteria and germs - we will leave the loofah after each shower in a dry place, ie outside the bathroom or at least ensure good ventilation of the room, replace the loofah every two months of use to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and germs. In boiling water, in the dishwasher of course without harmful soaps or in the washing machine.

The massage of the lipa is excellent before each shower when the body and lipa are dry, so we will remove dead skin cells and allow good regeneration of the skin, the massage moves the blood can be seen places where redness will form in the skin. The heart thus flows the blood in a circular motion in synchronization with our heart system.

Take natural soap, And placed it over the loofah it allows a very enjoyable bathing sponge, and of course, at the end of use with the loofah it can be attached to the compost, or thrown in the trash without feelings of guilt it is completely natural and does not harm the soil ..

For any question we are here for you ..

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