For science to be accurate, useful, practical, it needs fundamentals and a sorting method to be based on. The principle of the changing universe is a universal practical way that embraces all the phenomena that exist in the universe and the universe itself, in Far Eastern culture the principle of life and the universe is monism (all related to one source as belief in one God in Judaism) Absolute, although at first glance it may seem like a dualism philosophy (two)

On the one hand the laws of the unified universe, are an analytical way that breaks everything down into factors, on the other hand it is a sort of motion moving towards unity, which divides all things into two agnostic categories, yin and yang. According to the Chinese sage, these are two complementary forces necessary for each other's existence, such as day and night, man and woman. These are the two elements that continue to produce, destroy, repeatedly produce everything that exists in the universe

The Dow creates the one

One creates the two

The two form the three

The three form all the phenomena

All phenomena carry the wine on their backs

And the yang in their laps

In the contractor the essential harmony from equality

"The changing weight of the two essential forces

Anything or place, phenomenon or feeling we can sort into more yin or more yang. From a physical point of view what contains more water is more yin and the opposite is true for yang. Slow outward movement is yin, yang is a faster inward movement more centered. Yin and yang are always relative, nothing is absolute yin either Young is appliedninth. A can be yin in the direction of B but yang in the direction of c

Young wine






hotter Colder climate
heavier Easier Weight
Stiffer Softer texture
male female sex


More humid


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