I have a little ceremony,

Call me a witch call me a magician ..

For me, this is another traditional family ceremony.

I remember myself as a child walking around my mother's house and seeing her clear the atmosphere with him, flowing with him a new energy of purity and understanding.

Ends a period with him, begins an adventure with him.

The sage sticks are made with a lot of calm and good thought, we pick the sage that grows in the beautiful garden in the yard of the house in the moshav,

When it is still soft and fresh, a small bouquet is woven from it, wrapping everything in a completely natural cotton thread,

And dry onions.

Invite you to prepare for yourself or purchase a bouquet of sage for a home fire.

The benefits of burning are physical and spiritual together, sage is known to be antibacterial and helps clean the bacteria and air in the home,

In addition, the ceremony itself, requesting a wish and starting a period together with understanding and inclusion, helps reduce stress and fear.

There is no such fun, thank you mom, thank you grandma, for rituals and moments.

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