How natural? Why natural? Natural how?

What is natural cosmetics?
In fact the understanding of this concept is quite difficult, according to the Israeli Ministry of Health and big companies, natural cosmetics can also be cosmetics that contain a single product that comes from a natural source. Annoying right?
When it is really important for me to know that the product is natural I will check the list of ingredients on the back of the product, the list is usually written in Chinese so we will ask Google about each and every ingredient until we fully understand the list.
 Check what materials the product is made of. Ingredients like natural oils, essential oils
Herbal extracts containing vitamins and minerals They are all natural ingredients that will benefit your body. Various chemicals, preservatives and more, are a warning light and if they are mentioned on the packaging, it's a sign that the product is not really natural. Also, like in the list of ingredients on food, the order of the ingredients indicates the extent of their quantity in the product and you should also pay attention to that when making surethat the product is free of chemicals.
How natural? 
The brand we created comes from a very clear list of values,
We will not have a product that contains chemicals or other laboratory products.
The effectiveness of natural cosmetics and the importance of which are reflected in the environment, human health, side effects and sensitivities, and more and more.

My body is my temple

I pay attention to the diet and the substances I put into the body, so just as I do not eat foods rich in chemicals or artificial substances, so there is no reason for me to apply my body with toxic cosmetics. In the long run my change from industrial and artificial cosmetics to natural cosmetics is critical for me and my environment,

My skin is breathing and there is no reason for toxins to get into my bloodstream.


To me, natural cosmetics is a home, a home where traditions pass.
A home for nature, a home for health

Natural cosmetics are recommended to be purchased from a known and reliable store or supplier, known for the excellent products they sell and the fact that they are indeed free of chemicals. Usually, a store like that provides a package of skin solutions for face, hands and feet and even for the hair so that you can purchase everything you need, in one place. 

Take good care of your body, with quality natural cosmetics 




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