We are praised in the newspaper for a woman and it fills the heart,

In honor of Independence Day 2020, a magazine for women chose to introduce readers to three Israeli skincare brands,

The most independence for us is to manufacture and market our products when everything is done here in the country!

Thanks to Daniel Peso who wrote our story briefly and accurately ..

"SIMEE is a skincare brand offering products made from 100% natural materials

No preservatives or perfume blends. It is based on butter and pure essential oils. Behind the brand are my mother and daughter and Pnina Glazberg, who founded it in 2017 following the death of her grandmother."We were looking for something to do and how to spend quality time together,"says Shelly."We started learning aromatherapy and preparing a product that would suit our life approach - natural and connected to nature, when it comes to nutrition, care and daily conduct."The products are made in Israel, and our flagship product is an anti-aging serum based on red algae. On the site you will find a variety of accessible products, such as NIS 68 for body lotion and NIS 140 for the anti-aging serum.

"It is important for us to produce special products that are accessible to everyone and that everyone can enjoy our magic."My emphasis.


We specialize in natural cosmetics based on premium ingredients like red seaweed, excellent essential oils and more. All products are approved by the Ministry of Health and are manufactured using unique formulas, for glowing and vital skin. You will not believe what they said about us:

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