If I share with you a little behind the scenes of my commercial endeavor, I will find that working with new brands is a bit of a tricky affair. On the one hand, I want to be the one who wants to tell you about new and promising brands, especially if they are independent and on the other hand, I do not have the confidence that there is when I approach working with bigger brands precisely because I do not yet know what it is. I take into account that anything can happen: I can be deeply disappointed, I can find that I do not have content worthy of advertising and I can find that the brand does not match what I am looking for in terms of my personal preferences..

What I do in such situations is avoided. For the benefit of my business and the benefit of the advertising business, I will not come up with anything that I think is doomed to failure and will not benefit both parties. I tell all this because I went to work withם SIMEE Via Nature With some apprehension in light of all the questions I have described here, I reserved the option to cancel the post if necessary if it turns out that the products will not fit and I found that sometimes it is worth taking risks.

SIMEE Via Nature - Who I Will Give?

Before we let the products speak for themselves, let's talk about two equally interesting parameters: the story and the packaging. The story is that this is a small, independent business of a mother and daughter, Shelly and Pnina, who named their brand after Shelly's grandmother, Sima. The cosmetics company is dedicated to her memory and mine describes her as the woman she always wanted to be, a multi-verbal woman who knew how to cook, embroider, sew, etc.

This is not where the family business ended, because mother Pnina absorbed the world of pharmacy from her childhood since her father was the chief pharmacist of Helena Rubinstein's house and decided to go his own way. My daughter, who I have been in contact with all this time, is a graduate of the Aromatherapy Therapists course herself. All products have not been tested on animals, are suitable for pregnant and lactating women and women in all circles and ages of life (and also for men), can be used during the day and night as they have no components that may be reactive in sun exposure..

So with this story in mind, I started researching the site itself. One of the things I always consider when I consider agreeing to a collaboration is whether the brand seems really knowledgeable about the skin care faucets. Do they offer me anything other than a story and promises? It is clear that SIMEE adheres to relatively simple and effective formulas. You will not find here lists of components in the length of exile that require Sisyphean analysis to find out what it is (which made my job as a surveyor actually easier) everything is direct and clear to all, even to those who do not control cultivation. These are products that can suit all skin types according to my skin care perspective, as butters and oils help balance the amounts of sebum in combination skin but also nourish dry and normal skin.יל. 

The packaging can not be ignored: clean glass packaging, each of which is wrapped in branded kraft paper. The packaging is very reminiscent of another dance brand from the worlds of tanning Isle Of Paradise and it is definitely fun to have products that look chic in the shower.ת.

You receive from SIMEE an exclusive benefit only until 17.1: 20% discount on the entire site by entering the code LUBA20 . As always, I will therefore submit a list of my favorite products in the ranking from high to low, it will be said that if I usually have in such reviews products that were less suitable for my skin I will note that here I have not encountered such a phenomenon. First, it is a capsule line with a limited amount of products, so it is obvious that they were carefully selected and brewed and secondly, the line is uniform in quality and I had no falls or product that I would say wholeheartedly: it does not speak to me. So with this continuum let's get goingך…

My favorite product -Hair Serum

I did not imagine that my favorite product from the line would actually be a hair product, but that is exactly what happened and I fell in love. The serum is intended for daily use, for laying on the ends of the hair for nourishment and styling, preventing split ends and protection from the sun's rays. I admit that my use is made exclusively after overlapping: I place it on the ends of the hair when it is damp, massage it well with my fingers and go to bed when the hair remains moist, without drying it. The next morning I wake up with a miraculous phenomenon: my hair takes the form of soft, shiny and beautiful waves, just as if I had been working with a hair styling device for a respectable period of time.

It can be said that my hair is usually very thin, but I am currently pregnant and my hair is quite abundant, so my starting point is good in the first place. I have no definite knowledge that it will affect your hair in this way either but The serum Of SIMEE arranges for me such successful hair days that I could not help but include it at the top of the list. The hair serum is based on cold-pressed almond oil (which ensures the effectiveness of the ingredients), grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil, cold-pressed olive oil, jojoba oil and carrot oil, combined with the essential oils of lavender, geranium, patchouli and rosemary.

The serum costs 89 shekels before our exclusive benefit andוYou can order it here With a boiling recommendation from me.

SerumRed Queen

Of the facial products, there is no doubt that serumRed Queen He's my favorite. In general I find that SIMMEE's products promise a sensory experience, with satisfying textures and excellent fragrances (derived from the essential oils) that really feel like a spa treatment. Also to serum Red Queen There is one of the most satisfying textures I have come across: a texture that nourishes the skin and allows it to wake up the next morning with a glow. Serums are products that have traditionally been tested over a long period of time to predict results, so I find that such products are responsible for beautiful glow, they are particularly satisfying because it does not take long to predict results: the skin looks more radiant than first use.

The serum is based on the red acceleration component that gives both the unique color of the product and its name, the component rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants and its main use in skin care is to create a uniform look for the skin. This serum is basically the reason why I decided to work with SIMMEE: it is one of the hottest ingredients in the world of grooming and the very use of it showed me that it is a brand that knows the job.

The fact that the product gives the radiant look to the skin helps to nourish and blur the appearance of light wrinkles and even women suffering from acne who routinely use active ingredients will surely enjoy the soothing and nourishing effect that the serum gives to the face. Also, the fact that the serum helps balance the skin’s moisture levels can also prevent further deterioration in its condition. Therefore, this is a product that can, in my opinion, suit a variety of skin types, except for those with oily skin who may feel that it is a little too heavy for them. In addition to the red seaweed, the formula also includes neroli essential oil and lavender essential oil and of course, do not skip the neck when you use it to enjoy its full benefit..

The serum costs 139.9 NIS before our exclusive benefitו And can be ordered here.

Spirulina seaweed soap

From then on the deliberation was difficult as to which products to stroke first. My two favorite products from the line are, as mentioned, the hair serum and the Red Queen serum, but I also experienced success to a very similar degree with the other products, so I still decided to base the ranking on the level of small nuances that finally decided the matter. Therefore, the next product is a solid face soap, a concept that most of you probably remember from the past and perhaps less use now.

Recently I see a trend in the skincare world to return to the use of solid soaps and I have not yet had the opportunity to do so until the moment I started reviewing the products. Pros: Very economical in price and environmentally friendly, the only downside is that the product requires soap and needs to be stored in ventilated conditions so that it does not become stale. Beyond that, I find that its use is very convenient: I wet my hand and rub the product with it, massage the face until a very fine foam is formed and then rinse with lukewarm water. This is a very gentle product, which does not leave the skin dry or taut and is therefore in line with the rest of SIMMEE's products. If you are looking for a good facial cleanser, I therefore recommend giving the solid version a chance, at 18 shekels there really is no room for mistakes he

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