Lavender soap

19.90 ₪
A classic solid soap that suits everyone, Foam, suitable for daily bathing for the body Preserves the natural moisture of the skin .. Whether near the sink for hand washing or in the shower for daily bathing .. The soap is produced in the cold method in order to maintain the qualities of the oils and allow you to enjoy a product that is both 100% natural, both nourishing and leaves skin soft and pleasant .. Suitable for all skin types .. The soap cleans gently but very thoroughly. Does not contain palm oil!
Soap for daily bathing, suitable for all hand washing, for washing the face carefully on the eyes.
Cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, water, sodium hydroxide and lavender seeds Essential oils: French lavender.
If sensitivity to one of the ingredients is known the product should not be used, the soap properties listed are based on the knowledge in the field of natural medicine and aromatherapy.

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