Today is the day of the death of my grandmother Simi, we chose to mark this day today which will be full of memories, laughter and love .. That is how she passed her life and filled us and our hearts with great warmth and joy. Want to write a thank you for all she has passed on to us, and for the great inspiration she has been. I really hope that she likes the way we chose to commemorate and call her name and that she was proud.

.. I asked my mother- Pnina to write me a pleasant memory of her and that is what she wrote


Sixties, Saturday morning waking up in the morning, mother Simi lying on the bed lying with all kinds on her face- my father remembered his blessing (who worked in Helena Rubinstein's factory) would make face masks for my mother-

,Cream cheese


.And sugar

Why these ingredients? I asked as a curious child,"what is good to eat well for outdoor use"Dad answered me .. and I remember this sentence to this day, (with the cheese I prefer a division from the outside rather than the inside)

My father remembered the blessing, was running the raw material warehouse in the factory and we as children grew up among the big pots.

Dad spiced up cosmetics

..Mom mixed stirring and kneading food

, Simi's great love for food, and Father Aaron's great love for scents

..And I am the home of this wonderful couple who cook and dispense natural cosmetics

.Thanks to you both my loved ones


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