From the ocean to the cities,

From the desert to the mountains,

From the flower to the beast,

From space to time,

Everything is controlled

By the laws of the universe

Yin and yang are everything.

Without them nothing can exist

And everything changes

״Its juices are difficult״ 

The concept of macrobiotics was coined by George Oshawa (Japan) when he tried to explain to the West the wisdom of the East. Macrobiotics, macro-large, bio-life, the relationship between an individual's health and his diet, his activity, his spiritual approach and his overall environment.ת.

With a clear understanding of the ancient laws of humanity we will be able to reach the human potential that lies within us at every opportunity chosen, to turn sadness into joy, disease into health, war into peace. Where there is an understanding of the order of the universe there will be peace and true love, only if we know ourselves as part of the world, and we can adapt to the changing circumstances around us we will live in health, happiness, peace and freedom.

Using the principles of the ancient philosophers of China and Japan, yin and yang, George Oshawa expanded his theories on topics such as nutrition, medicine, chemistry, ethics, religion, education, and business. Macrobiotics is a way to balance body and mind by adapting the food we eat to our health and lifestyle.ח Our lives as well as our environment and the climate around us.

As a girl who suffered from abdominal pain and spent whole days in bed I heard the term macrobiotics quite a bit, according to Western medicine I was a pretty healthy girl, with no unusual distinction. After a series of tests and as the pain continued and the weight went down my mother went to study nutrition to help me, and basically the whole house. Her teacher Dr. Naizov is a Chinese doctor in addition to being a Western doctor, a brilliant woman and especially a life teacher, she spends her days treating and healing patients by a combination of diet and acupuncture.

The new way of life that came into our home slowly lifted me out of bed, it started with coco porridge porridge that mom cooks the grains and grinds them, paracetamol for headaches or bloating was ambushy and still always on hand, endless soups and lots of connection to understanding nutrition as medicine,

A remedy for balancing the mind and body together.



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