Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This issue is important to us as a society in the field of beauty and self-care, many studies show that most cases of breast cancer are caused by poor lifestyle, depression, stress, anger, self-sacrifice, repressed sexuality and more. Women who do not fit into the Barbie ideal can feel that something is wrong with them, so over the years develop a hostile relationship with their body. According to ancient culture the breasts are a metaphor for giving and receiving, they symbolized the abundant qualities of nature, according to our culture which deals with the breasts compulsively. Shifted the metaphor so that women would give themselves to others without cultivating themselves, women give and give until the well is dry.ה.

My Breast Care Ceremony

We as women need to learn to love and respect our bodies, whether our breasts are large, small, transplanted or small, we see our breasts as a perfect source of nourishment for babies and as a source of pleasure for ourselves, our relationship with our body must come from a place of self-love. It is important for me to check my breasts every month, when I go to check them I do it with respect and love, Indian for breasts, breast and heart area, ask them sorry if you did not respect them, be soft towards yourself. When I experience stressful events I try not to keep them in my chest, massage with The stone is rising Helps to flow the energy further in the body and not conserve it in the chest and heart area. A complete and quality diet helps during our self-healing.

The way of life you choose for yourself is the way to preserve ..



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