I told my sister, Sharon Glazberg, about my desire to meet Simi's women, the women of the world and hear about their way, their story, and how they change the world, soon there will be a collection of stories about these inspiring, changing women. "Women change"

I met her for a conversation and an interview about her, about the change, and the essence. I thank her for sitting with me and sharing, thank her for agreeing for me to come upBook to the site And I will therefore, the option to get to know it better.

Who are you?

Sharon Glazberg, artist, mother of Omri Valla, wanderer, social entrepreneur, lives in Moshav.


What does it matter?

As an artist I strive to create through my art new perspectives on things we take for granted, to produce an experience of presence and observation in order to produce a change of consciousness. In working with communities it matters when art gives place and stage to muted voices.

In motherhood I strive to allow children as much freedom and space as possible, whether it is by setting flexible boundaries that are created from the movement and change of the children and life itself or through an accompanying gaze.


How do you get started??

The beginning is in the gaze, perhaps the opposite of action, wandering and asking questions.

As my inner peace and gaze sharpens the identification of the variability of the space around me makes it possible to pinpoint the question.

Every work of my art begins with a wish. For example, the exhibition "Utopia" identification was while wandering in the fields slowly changed the landscape and the question was basically how to establish a new city that does not grow out of necessity and serves as a border this question led me to wander within the city, and search for the utopia of a city for me.


Who cares?

First of all for me, this is my way of understanding the world and this has been my way of childhood.

I act in the belief that art has the power to change perceptions of reality, it has happened to me. Art has the ability to contain everyone, you are facing a good work of art you can find yourself, the sense of belonging that comes from observing is the change. These are the reasons I founded the "Zoom" mobile museum - I truly believe that a child who meets good works of art can change the path of his life. For me it was sleep- a memory of art in childhood the wandering I learned from my father, a wolf. For my big brother's bar mitzvah I went to Italy for the first time and I remember seeing the sculptures, the statue of Moses the street art, it was the moment that changed my life. Thanks to this exposure I think I am an artist today.


Today I create spaces / installations. That you take a break from your routine and enter an art space that may be a bit similar to the way you go out into nature or the synagogue,

One of my goals is to deepen the present time and the presence of the observer, so I create a multi-sensory experience, I believe that healing takes place and is possible in full presence. In observation, in the experience of sublimity, in the divine experience, all this is possible within a work of art. This is why my art is created as a space in which you reside.


What is femininity in your eyes?

To me femininity is water. The ability as water to be flexible, flow into changes all the time and deepen at the same time. I think as women we are constantly changing, the physical change and its impact on the life around.

She is a very capable and accommodating bride.

I believe the change will come from our women's courage to present and reveal the woman and her powerful intuitive power. Free yourself from the witch's consciousness on the stake.