The year serum you need in your grooming routine

One of our favorite products in the last year is theHair serum,
There is no doubt that it is a one-of-a-kind star, also because it is really suitable for all hair types and especially because it maintains the shine and health of your hair, allows for a light grooming routine and leaves hair styled and healthier.
We received endless compliments and recommendations on it this year and we wanted to share with you the most important tip in using it, we like to apply it immediately after lightly drying the hair with a towel
And immediately afterwards a discount of an appropriate amount of the serum.
It is extracted from vegetable oils and quality essential oils that your hair wants, does not contain
Chemicals or synthetic ingredients that are not suitable for either your hair or the environment
סרום השנה שאת צריכה בשיגרת הטיפוח שלך 
How to figure out how much I need to apply each time  Asking the questions The idea is to learn each time how suitable it is for me, I - mine, with relatively short hair up to the shoulders about, puts 3-4 drops of it each time, my mother - a pearl with thick hair tap tap and place almost an entire dose from the pipette ..
Slowly I believe you will find the preferred amount on your hair and call to tell us that we are most pleased to hear you are satisfied.
From the things you wrote about him-
- When Loba Shraga, a lifestyle blogger, first met him

My favorite product - Hair Serum"

I did not imagine that my favorite product from the line would actually be a hair product, but that is exactly what happened and I fell in love. The serum is intended for daily use, for laying on the ends of the hair for nourishment and styling, preventing split ends and protection from the sun's rays. I admit that my use is made exclusively after overlapping: I place it on the ends of the hair when it is damp, massage it well with my fingers and go to bed when the hair remains damp, without drying it out. The next morning I wake up with a miraculous phenomenon: my hair takes the form of soft, shiny and beautiful waves, just as if I had been working with a hair styling device for a respectable period of time. "

"I was a little worried it would be greasy but the serum does not make the hair feel greasy at all
And my hair looks great! Just sets curls and the scent is amazing and the feeling is super pleasant and highly recommend! "

My hair is a non-problematic hair and I have never used any product other than a normal overlap. Full of life. Highly recommend "


Hi, I came to you with Luba's recommendation for an equally perfect hair serum (every time I "use it I get a sea of compliments on the curls and everyone wants to know what the secret is then of course"That I discovered for all of them)


I put one drop on my hair after each shower, and then keep stroking it. Hair "Most pleasant after the serum and also really see a change whether I put the serum or not, the hair is just more beautiful after it. Gives shine, feeling and a pleasant and smoother look."

Thank you Thank you Thank you.


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