How do I do a home anti-aging treatment every morning in a few minutes?

How to perform a home anti-aging treatment every morning in a few minutes?

Let's start at the end - my self-belief about the appearance of the skin is first my thought, then the movement between my blood flow and energy and my simple and homely grooming routine.

I believe that all we need to feel better about our facial skin is first and foremost in our perception, whether I stand in front of the mirror every morning and count wrinkles and signs of expression or this morning I get up and hug myself for who I am and everything I have?

Of course we all want smooth, radiant and healthy skin, and that's why we're here!

As a patient in Chinese medicine acupuncture, cupping etc. I very very much connect to the understanding of movement, of blood flow, of healing by moving the blood to the place, whether it is pain or whether it is wrinkled .. In our anti-aging treatment we will talk about the motivation of Blood by massage.

Every morning I perform a simple ritual of love, I hug myself with good and enveloping thoughts, all while having a light and delightful facial massage for the facial skin.

The massage injects blood, injects the energy of qi - the energy of our life, the redness that is created is a great sign of a good massage, areas that suffer from blows and blood flow to the area, do not make the skin too strong but also not too weak, you can focus every day on a different area Go through all the face, neck and chest every day.

The massage is done exclusively with cream /Serum For the hands to glide and the massage to help in better penetration of the active ingredients,

The key rules are-

 We will always work from the bottom up

We will take care of clean facial skin and clean hands

We will do the massage with love and never out of judgment and criticism of the skin or ourselves.


After I took theMy favorite serumAnd I started to slide my hands in movements from the bottom up I will attach the e stoneGoa Sha And I will smooth it with a intensity that will not hurt me but I will feel it working on the skin, warming the area and producing a certain redness that indicates the motivation of the blood we are asking for!


It's much easier to see and listen than to write - from France a video that explains how to massage the facial skin The video is quite long but once the movements are natural we will just move themselves along the face and the movement will come as a nice intuition every morning to wake up and brighten the face!


 Here we have an excellent overview of all the recommended massage movements with Goa Sha. An excellent video that explains how to massage the face

 Hope you liked, therefore remind us that we are here for any question!

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