Face cream for delicate skin

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Face cream for delicate skin
Nourishing cream for the face and neck in a unique concoction based on vegetable and essential oils with unique properties that gently envelop the skin and protect it from environmental damage
 Powerful women with"elephant skin"need a cream that is attentive to their skin and therefore this cream is intended for sensitive and unbalanced skin, is easily absorbed, has a caressing and velvety touch and a delicate and pleasant fragrance
The cream helps nourish the facial skin and leaves it soft to the touch and has a healthy, supple and radiant look

Coconut oil - soothes the skin, acts as an antioxidant, prevents moisture loss and leaves a gentle shine on the facial skin

Olive oil - Mediterranean legend Strong antioxidant, improves the appearance of wrinkles and prevents their formation, contains A and E A considerable amount of vitamin

Shea butter grape seed oil, beeswax

:Essential oils

Roman chamomile - a classic oil for soothing the skin, soothing and calming the mind

Neroli - promotes cell regeneration, anti-inflammatory, prevents moisture loss in the skin

Benzoin - promotes skin cell regeneration, excellent for scarred skin

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