Day cream and serum

348.00 ₪
295.00 ₪

Face cream for delicate skin and morning serum at a discounted price.

This set will suit anyone looking for rich, nourishing and nourishing natural care for the facial skin.

The essential oils of the morning serum together with the face cream for delicate skin have created a perfect synergy of softness, nourishment, soothing and balance for the skin.

Recommend the cream for the night and the serum for the morning unless you feel you need both - apply the serum and then cream.

Tip from us - slowly and fairly listening to the amount the skin asks for, our products are very rich and do not require a large amount in use.

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רותם פלצ'י
קרם יום וסרום

הסרום מצויין! נספג במהירות ויש לו ריח עדין ונעים.
הקרם טיפה פחות מוצלח לטעמי, מרגיש קצת כבד ושומני וציפיתי למרקם יותר קליל וקרמי.

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