Shower time

315.00 ₪

Complete kit for your shower,

The best way to open or end the day. With completely natural skin care products, the flow and movement of the blood with the Goa Sha stone and the natural loofah, pleasant aromas of pure essential oils. And a moment of gratitude to the body that carries us faithfully all the way ...

120 MLFoot cream 

, 10 MLGoa stone shah with scaled-down red algae serum,

 50 MLHair serum,

Natural loofah

And lavender soap

Luba Shraga The care blogger chose these products and wrote-

"Less than half a year after the birth of my first child, there is no doubt that I place special emphasis on the whole issue of self-care. The time around the shower is my time and I dedicate it to rituals that make me feel good physically and mentally. I wanted to create a kit with Simee, So you can enjoy it even during your self-care "
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