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Zoom הקיט של שנטי - simeevianature

Shanti's kit

88.00 ₪
Shanti's kit was woven from her experience with the world of SIMEE. We asked her to choose and give her opinion on the products, this is what she wrote back to us:
Calendula soap -
Solid soap in our house is a real matter. This is my husband's favorite type of soap, and I'm always looking for soaps with uniqueness. For me solid soaps tend to be dryers, but the gentle calendula soap was accurate. Delicate scent and a pleasant feeling on the skin - I especially liked the combination of calendula flowers in the soap that I felt gave a softened exfoliating feeling to the skin.

Hair Serum -
I fell in love with my natural waves again recently, thanks to a successful haircut and a combination of oils in my hair care routine. A small amount of the serum is enough and my recommendation is to place it on hair that has been dried with a towel but is still a little damp and only at the ends. In this way it gives the waves a definite and very beautiful look.

Serum and red seaweed cream -
I was very interested in the unique ingredient, and after applying it I felt an immediate saturation of the skin. The uniqueness of these products and the reason I included them is that beyond the pleasant fragrance, surprisingly despite the rich texture they do not weigh down the skin at all and throughout the day the skin does not look shiny or oily. I feel these are products suitable for normal, dry or dehydrated skin, and during this period of pregnancy when my skin is thirsty, I really enjoyed using them and the feeling of softness that accompanies the application.
The products all come in a multi-purpose bag made of paper and fabric, suitable as a travel care bag.