Goa She + Day Serum in a special size

111.00 ₪


A goa stone (gouache) made of completely natural stone, next to it will come a scaled-down bottle ofOur morning serum.

Goa She is an ancient method of treatment that comes from Far Eastern medicine,

Massage helps in the flow of our qi.

The translation is itching for the purpose of removing toxins, the massage with the help of the goa which produces the movement of blood, so we help the body in breaking down inflammation, encouraging the formation of collagen and elastin and slowing down the aging process of the skin

Quartz stone virtues are linked to unconditional love mentally, to improving the condition of the skin and smoothing it physically by cooling and breaking down toxins.



 The massage will be performed after application of Serum orcream To smooth the stone on the skin, massage from the inside out and from the bottom up.

Recommends massaging the face, neck and body, on days of busy or frozen muscles it is recommended to sit for a few minutes and massage the area, a deep massage will help eliminate toxins, will encourage the formation of collagen and elastane, two important components in our skin tissue,

To our blog on how to include videos and tips for you:

How to perform a home anti-aging treatment every day in a few minutes

Enjoy therefore, it is a promise.

The stone is a natural stone and its sanding is done by hand, so the color and shape varies from stone to stone.


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