Questions and Answers

  1. ?What is the difference between a cream and a serum?
    SerumAbsorbed faster as it is a liquid molecule,The cream More solid and stays active over time. Our question to you is what kind of texture you are used to and love

  2. ?Whether to use in the morning or in the evening
    Of your choice entirely. All of our products are friendly in meeting with the sun, so you can choose your preferred time of use.

  3. ..The texture of the creams is strange to me
    True, the texture is different from the creams you will find in pharmacies. Our products contain net active ingredients, have a seemingly heavier feel so our recommendation is to use less. Offer you to start befriending our texture, be careful! it's addicting.

  4. ?Do the soaps may dry out the skin
    No. The soap nourishes the skin and leaves a velvety feeling.For all soaps

  5. ?Do the products contain perfume
    The scents in all our products come from the essential oils with no added synthetic fragrance or alcohol. The laid back in any product is natural and delicate.

  6. ?It will not be heavy or oily on my skin
    Since it is a natural cosmetic, a small amount is used each time which is easily absorbed and leaves the skin fresh and happy.

  7. ?I have sensitive skin, so you have products for me
    You have come to heaven for having sensitive skin All our products are suitable for sensitive and delicate skin and especiallyGentle Cream, Morning Serum.

  8. ?I have oily skin so your products are suitable for me
    Our products contain butter and oils which balance the fatty acids, and the level of sebum in the skin.The stigma of oily skin is a well-known mistake in the world of grooming - oily skin does notIt needs to be dried but- balance so we are here! You can read about the benefits of using vegetable oils and essential oilsIn this blog 
  9.  ?What is the difference between a red seaweed serum and a day serum
Day serum Designed for lighter use and suitable for young skin.Red seaweed serum Contains an active ingredient that nourishes, prevents wrinkles, slows down the aging process and is intended for mature skin
Some people use a day serum in the morning and a red seaweed serum in the evening before going to bed. Of your choice
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