Who are we?

Nice to meet you, my name is Shelly Glazberg, my mother Pnina and I own a natural cosmetics companySimee Via Nature Named after my grandmother Simi, who was an inspiration to me. Grandma Simi is the woman I aspire to be. A real Wonder Woman who knew how to sew, embroider, cook and more. Everything perfectly.
So, our cosmetics company is dedicated to her memory.
My mother Pnina has absorbed the world of pharmacy since childhood. Her father was the chief pharmacist at Helena Rubinstein's house so she chose a professional path of natural and healthy pharmacy and she is in charge of the wonderful concoctions in our products.
I, Shelly, am a graduate of an aromatherapy therapists course led by Idit Chen. It's important to me personally to connect the
world of natural cosmetics also to young women who appreciate a natural and vital lifestyle, aspire
for success and determination in their goals.
Our products are designed for women and men in all walks of life.
Wishing natural beauty, excellent health and joy for all of us: Shelly and Pnina Glazberg